Born and raised in Arizona, Casey Zenner always had a passion for film. He studied at the Scottsdale School of Film + Theater where he graduated with a degree in Film Production as well as a certificate in Screenwriting, his main focus being a writer-director. He has made the award winning music video Too Hard To Love for local band Good Boy Daisy, as well as the short films UnscrewedJesus Christ and a Car Salesman, and Aversion Therapy. He also has worked extensively as a script supervisor, working on the Scottsdale School’s fall 2018 capstone film Gladys & Dee Dee: Secrets, the short film An Ernest Family Dinnerand Empty Handedby LA actor/director Bradley Bazille. He has also been a hired mentor for new script supervising students at the Scottsdale School of Film + Theater. He is currently the creative director for Local480, a media page highlighting and lifting up local businesses in which Casey is responsible for all of their video production.